Auditions Schedule

  • The Producers

    Times -
    Sunday, April 2, 2017 - 6:00pm - 8:30pm

    Monday, April 3, 2017 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

    Callbacks (if needed): TBD

    No special appointments or considerations will be made for any reason. You must appear at the theater on one of these two dates and time periods or you will be ineligible for casting in this production. Callbacks are by invitation ONLY.

    Also be reminded that it is unprofessional and unethical to contact members of the production team directly. If you need information about the auditions or audition process, please contact Rockaway Theatre Company by using the contact form on our website, by clicking the button on the bottom of this page or by clicking here.

    Customized driving directions can be found on our website at

    Location - Post Theater, Building T4 - Gateway National Recreation Area, Fort Tilden, Breezy Point, NY (See main website to obtain driving directions)

    Audition Requirements - Director: John Gilleece
    Music Director: Richard Louis-Pierre
    Choreographer: Nicola DePierro-Nellen

    Performance Dates: July 21st,22nd,27th, 28th 29th, Aug. 4th+ 5th @ 8PM – July 23rd, 30th and August 6th @2PM
    Must be available for ALL performances

    AGE NOTE: Ages listed are stage ages. Some characters can be played older or younger depending on the director’s vision. Your actual age is less important than your ability to portray a character of the required age.

    Character Descriptions and Preparation

    Max Bialystock – Should appear to be late 40’s/early 50’s…..stocky, but agile. Over-the-top, high-energy, Professor Harold Hill/Tevye-type. Once known as the King of Broadway, he’s become a producer of Broadway flops. He raises money for his shows by romancing wealthy little old ladies. A quick-talker, but you don’t miss a word he says…Perhaps one of the best roles ever written for a comic lead. Dance – Moderate. Must be able to move and have good stamina. Vocal Range – Bari-Tenor Vocal Prep- “We Can Do It” (123-end) “Along Came Bialy” (Start -40) “Betrayed” 124- end

    Leopold Bloom – 30’s, tallish, slender, neat and clean. A lovable nerd who can sng, dance and act. He is a meek (and wimpy at times,) law-abiding and courteous accountant….believes he should do everything by the book. An absolute contrast to Max, character-wise and physically. Vocal Range –Dance- Moderate-Heavy. Tap experience would be great. Big ballroom dance with Ulla. Bari-Tenor Vocal Prep-“I Wanna Be a Producer” (54-96) We Can Do It (82-122)

    Franz Liebkind -30’s-50’s- Franz is a German Nazi who now resides in New York and has written the play, “Springtime for Hitler” a tribute to his hero.This is the play that Max hopes to produce that will be a sure-fire flop. Must be prepared to don lederhosen, army boots and a spiked army helmet. He is a nut! Franz must be able to do a German accent that we can understand clearly Dance- Light-Moderate. Vocal Range - Baritone Vocal Prep- “Guten Tag Hop-Clop” (Beginning to 46) “Have you ever Heard the German Band” (47-end)

    Roger DeBris – 30’s-50’s- Over-the-top flamboyant director. When we first meet Roger, he is wearing a silverish gown that he’ll be wearing to a costume ball (He’s going as the Grand Duchess, Anastasia). He agrees to direct Springtime for Hitler, if he can rewrite it so that Hitler wins and it has a happy ending. .Must show over-the-top stereotypical flamboyant director traits. Dance- Moderate Vocal Range – Tenor Vocal Prep “Keep It Gay” (215-253) “Springtime for Hitler”(153-189)

    Carmen Ghia – 30’s to late 40’s- Roger’s common-law assistant, equally flamboyant.Together, he and Roger make for a hysterical couple, arguing cattily yet exchanging winks from time to time. Physically a bit smaller than Roger in stature. Dance- Moderate. Vocal Range – Second Tenor Vocal Prep-“Keep it Gay” (262-280) The Storm Trooper/Tenor –20’s-40’s- Germanic good– awesome opportunity for a strong tenor Vocal Prep- “Springtime for Hitler” (40-94)

    Ensemble Characters: Work very hard in this show. Each ensemble member is expected to play several different characters. Must have good vocal and dance skills. Tap is a great asset, especially for the girls. Vocal Prep-Anyone auditioning for any ensemble role must prepare to sing “Goodbye” (Entire song)

    The Usherettes – 2 girls open the show and Act 2-3 Hold Me Touch Me – one of the many old ladies who help finance Max’s creations. She has a very funny scene with him in his office. She needs to be able to look and sound as if she’s 75-80 years old…great character part.

    The Old Ladies in Little Old Lady Land

    Mr. Marks – Leopold Bloom’s grouchy, condescending boss at the accounting firm.

    Roger DeBris’s Team:
    Bryan the set designer (Tenor)
    Kevin the costume designer (bari-tenor),
    Scott the choreographer (MUST BE ABLE TO DANCE VERY WELL), all as flamboyant as Roger and Carmen…have solo lines in song “Keep it Gay,”
    Shirley Markowitz the lighting designer….a very “butch” woman who also likes to keep it gay….(Alto)
    Sabu – the houseboy, wears a loin cloth and turban.
    ** Dance is heavy. All should be able to move. Lots of “character” dancing

    Hitler Auditioners:
    Jack Lapidus – auditions with “A Wandering Minstrel I” (Tenor)
    Donald Dinsmore – auditions with “The Little Wooden Boy” (but never gets to actually sing…)
    Jason Green – auditions with “Have You Ever Heard the German Band”

    Other Minor Characters:
    The Police Sergeant
    Three Patrolmen
    The Guard in the Prison
    Judge in the Courtroom
    Foreman of the Jury
    The Prison Trustee
    6 First-nighter couples
    who have come to see Max’s latest flop
    A newspaper vendor
    two nuns
    two workmen
    a blind man
    a bum
    a bag lady
    a cop
    2 “street walkers” and their escort
    6 accountants
    12 or so show girls
    that can tap

    what to bring - Sides will be provided for all roles.

    The music listed for each role can be obtained by emailing a request to

    Singers are expected to prepare the song(s) listed under character descriptions.

    Dancers: Come dressed to dance. Bring character shoes, jazz shoes and tap shoes if you're a tapper. No flip flops or sneakers!!

    Please bring headshots and resumes if available.

    (Do not attempt to email this material in advance)

    This is an unpaid gig. No monetary compensation or stipends are available.
    Good Luck!

    Last Date - April 3, 2017