Audition notice: Sunday Feb 18, 11-2PM, Monday Feb 19, 7-9 PM

Lovers & Other Strangers

Show dates: May 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20
Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm and Sunday at 2:00 pm

Directed by Peggy Page and Michael Wotypka

A hit on Broadway and later on film, this edition includes the popular sequence Hal and Cathy created for the film and played by Gig Young and Anne Jackson. The other stories include Brenda and Jerry in a planned seduction gone wrong. Johnny and Wilma have been married so long that they can't remember who starts what. With Mike and Susan, on the eve their wedding, he's getting cold feet and she must gently talk him down the aisle. In the last, Bea, Frank, a long-married couple who have fought for over thirty years try to save their son's marriage by confessing to their own failures.

Callbacks: TBD by invitation

Come prepared with knowledge of the play and the role(s) of interest. Sides will be provided. Must be available for all performance dates.

The roles of Frank & Bea have been cast.

Brenda: Early 20's. attractive, vulnerable, very modish, her glibness is her defensive facade.

Jerry: Early 30's, average to handsome man on the make, tries very hard to be smooth but doesn't quite cut it.

Wilma: mature, a strong attractive woman looking for her femininity. 

Johnny: mature, a maybe paunchy, maybe balding ex-Marine who is fighting a losing battle to maintain his male superiority. 

Susan: Attractive, sensitive girl in her early or mid-20’s, soft, sweet and passive. 

Mike: Late 20’s, early 30’s, big, energetic, masculine, open, sensitive. 

Richie: Mid-20’s, average-looking, introspective.

Joan: Mid-20’s, pretty, overly romantic and not too bright. 

Hal: 50’s, having an affair with Cathy who is pressuring him to leave his wife Bernice of 32 years. 

Cathy: 30’s, having an affair for 5 years with her best friend's husband, Hal, wants him to leave his wife for her. 

“Lovers and Other Strangers” is presented through special arrangement with and all authorized performance materials are supplied by Samuel French.